Saturday 22 December 2012


In the January - March 2013 issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly we shall carry a little feast of reviews including: Miles Cain's 'The Border' and Graham Burchell's 'Vemeer's Corner' reviewed by Aisling Tempany. Richard Ali's 'City of Memories' reviewed by Alison Lock, Basil Diki’s 'To Hangmen, One Scaffold Book 1' reviewed by Sanya Osha, Brindley Hallam Dennis's 'Talking to Owls' and Sanya Osha's 'An Underground Colony of Summer Bees' reviewed by Nnorom Azuonye.

Alison Lock will also review Terence Frisby's 'Kisses on a Postcard' for SLQ April-June '13, and Laura Solomon's 'Hilary and David' for SLQ Jul-Sept '13.

If you would like to have your book reviewed in the SLQ send or ask your publisher to send review copies to: Reviews Editor Sentinel Literary Quarterly Unit 136 113-115 George Lane South Woodford London E18 1AB United Kingdom

We also have many other books received waiting to be allocated to reviewers.

If you would like to review for Sentinel Literary Quarterly, drop me a line. We do not pay our reviewers, you just have to love the written word and you get to keep the book you review. Email me 

Nnorom Azuonye