Saturday 18 December 2010

Gamu's Christmas Single

The rumour mill has it that Cheryl Cole does not like black people anymore, as she sees a little bit of Ashley in every black person these days, and that hanging out with is just a smokescreen.

Some people think that's why she did not advance Gamu to the x-factor live shows. Her decision outraged millions of people.

Fast-forward, Gamu has now recorded a charity single which will be going up against Matt Cardle for the Christmas number one. It seems a tall order though, but who the hell knows. Good luck Gamu.

Friday 17 December 2010

Competitions entry deadline extension

January 2011


The Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry & Short Story Competitions for January 2011
originally had a deadline of 20th December, 2010.

We have received some e-mails and phone calls from entrants alerting us to the fact they have sent their work but can't be sure they will be delivered before the 20th. We usually suggest that entrants do it online, but there are still so many who simply prefer the good old way - paper, envelopes, stamps and a walk to the Post Office. Some cannot use the Internet, or just don't trust the web, even though it is easier and cheaper for them. We like to include everyone.

With adverse weather and Christmas mail causing postal delays, we have decided to extend the receive by date of the competitions to 7th January, 2011. This 3-week extension should give all entrants ample time to get their work in. This extension also applies to online entries which must now be received by midnight on January 7th. If you have already sent in your entry, please ignore this message.

Remember, the competitions are for previously unpublished poems and short stories on any subject, in any style up to 40 lines long (poems) or 1,500 words long (stories)

Prize money is £150, £60, & £40 plus first publication in Sentinel Champions print magazine.

Entry fees:

£3 per poem, £12 for 5 poems
£5 per story, £9 for 2 stories, £12 for 3 stories

*****Sentinel Champions Subscribers get 15% off entry fees. [To subscribe to Sentinel Champions and take advantage of the subscriber discount, visit ]*****

Results to be announced in Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine online on 31st January 2011 at

Judges: Mandy Pannett (Poetry), Amanda Sington-Williams (Stories)

For full details and Terms & Conditions, visit

Welcome to my blog

Dear Sentinel supporter,

I am pleased to welcome you to my blogspace. I will share some of my thoughts and work here as regularly as I can. This blog is also open for discussion of matters concerning Sentinel Poetry Movement and literature in general.

By all means ask me all andanything and I will do my very best to respond as quickly as possible.

I wish I could commit to a frequency of my blog posts, but as a general guide, I will do my best to post something new every Sunday or Monday.

Be well and God bless you.

Nnorom Azuonye